Sadly, the ISSA Board of Directors governing High School Sailing has determined that it is not safe to hold the Regional and National Championships for both Fleet and Team Racing so Mater Dei's incredible season is over.  The team finishes in 3rd in the PCISA 2019-20 Season Rankings, took 2nd at the National Keelboat Championships in the team's first ever appearance at that event, and can hold their heads high after an incredibly successful year.  See the letter from Head Coach Aubrey Mayer, included below.

Dear Mater Dei Sailing Team,

I hope this email finds you all safe and well as we navigate this global health crisis. The Covid-19 outbreak has turned our daily lives upside down, quickly morphing from a disease on the news in Asia and Europe, to a disease on our shores and in our backyards. Last night the Interscholastic Sailing Association put out the following statement :
The ISSA Board of Directors has canceled the following Spring 2020 ISSA regattas; Mallory, Baker, NIT, Phoebe Corckran King, and all District Championships (and their qualifiers). All other ISSA sanctioned high school regattas are cancelled through May 1, 2020. It is the intent of the ISSA Board to make a decision on the rest of the season in terms of District, league and local regattas no later than May 1, 2020. We make this decision out of an abundance of care for the safety of our athletes, their parents, the coaches, the race officials, & the volunteers. While it is disappointing to all of us, we know it is the responsible thing to do at this time.
While I’m obviously saddened by this news, I think we all understand that this was the only decision that could have been made. Even so, at the moment, it is hard to find the right words to write you all.
Building the Mater Dei Sailing Program over the past 18 months into what it is today has been one of the highlights of my life in sailing and it would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and hard work of our sailors. This season will go down in the history books as Mater Dei Sailing Team's best season ever. We placed 2nd at the ISSA Keelboat Nationals and are currently ranked 3rd in PCISA, although we have been the 2nd strongest team behind Point Loma since mid-January. 
I would like to say thank you to the entire team for the tremendous effort and dedication you have all exhibited throughout the 2019-2020 season, but especially to our Seniors - Jeffrey (our Team Captain), Teresa, Sophia Burton, Gretchen, Dutch - who have all sailed their last High School Regatta. I know you never imagined your senior season ending this way. Our goals of qualifying for and competing in both National Championships this Spring are no longer possible; however, you should all keep your heads held high and know the team and high school sailing culture you all helped to create at Mater Dei will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.
Over the coming weeks, the thing that I will miss the most about our team is the competitive spirit and camaraderie at our practices, which were always the best part of my day, especially when I had to sail in them. Every Tuesday-Thursday we all come together at BCYC with a purpose. While I can’t replace those experiences, ‘sailing' is still a graded class at Mater Dei, and I will be putting together materials in an effort to keep you engaged with the Sport during this stoppage in play. 
Even though the wound created by the cancellation of the Spring Season and both National Championships is fresh, I encourage you all to turn the page right away in order to start the process of visualizing and goal setting into the future of your Sailing Careers. Each of you have new challenges in the sport that lie ahead; and, there are numerous ways to strategize/improve your skills while you can’t be on the water practicing with your team regularly.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 
Aubrey Mayer
Mater Dei takes 3rd in the Gold Fleet at the 2020 PCISA Gaucho Regatta in Santa Barbara!  The team continues is run up to the Regional Championships and working hard to earn a spot in the Nationals this year!  The Monarchs are currently ranked #2 in the PCISA standings behind Point Loma High School. Pictured above from left to right are Teresa Dang, Jeffrey Petersen, Morgan Pinckney and Sophia Mulvania. GO Monarchs!
Mater Dei takes 2nd in the Gold Fleet at the 2020 PCISA Golden Bear Regatta at Treasure Island Sailing Center!  The team is on a roll and working hard to earn a spot in the Nationals this year!  Pictured above from left to right are Kennedy Leehealey, Morgan Pinckney, Jeffrey Petersen and Sophia Mulvania. This is the first time Mater Dei has been on the podium in the Gold Fleet at this event.
Mater Dei takes 2nd at the 2019 National Keelboat Championships at St. Petersburg Yacht Club!!!  Our team, pictured below from left to right...Jeffrey Petersen-Main & Tactics, Reade Decker-Skipper, Max Kleha-Trim, Dutch Dietrick-Bow, and Head Coach Aubrey Mayer, gave the local Florida team a run for their money is light, shifty breeze and lots of kelp at the event held in mid-December. In its 21 year history, the team has never qualified for the Keelboat Invitational.  For the team to qualify and finish on the podium is an achievement we are VERY proud of.  GO MONARCHS!
2019-20 Season off to a GREAT Start
Mater Dei started the 2019-20 season off with terrific results in October at the Sea Otter Regatta in Monterey, the All Girls Regatta in San Diego and a nail biter of a podium finish at the PCISA Keelboat Qualifier in San Diego.  After LEADING the event for most of the day, the last two races were held in light, shifty wind conditions and ultimately did not go our way.  The Monarchs ended the day in 2nd, losing the lead by one point, after a long day on the water and a long evening in the hearing room.  Typically the top two schools at the Keelboat qualifier go onto the ISSA National Keelboat Invitational Regatta, held in St. Petersburg, Florida in December.  The winner of the qualifier, Newport Harbor High School and the Mater Dei Monarchs will travel to St. Petersburg Florida in mid-December to compete for the Mendleblatt Trophy in J70's