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Team Participation Fees

Please click the link below to register for the 2018-2019 Girls Lacrosse Program:
Varsity: $1457.50**
JV: $1107.50

Note that you can pay in full, or select the payment plan option.  If you select the payment plan and register by September 30th, you will pay an initial $400.  The remaining balance will be divided into three equal payments and collected on October 1st, December 1st, and February 1st


If you register on or AFTER October 1st, you can still select the payment plan, however, your payments will be broken into 3, rather than 4, since you will not be able to submit the initial $300.  Either way, fees will come out to the same amount, with or without the payment plan.  You may submit fees by check if you’d like as well. 


**Additional Varsity fee will be posted once teams are named in January**