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Appryse School and Athletic Registration Information

Appryse Online Registration

All students attending Mater Dei High School must be enrolled in Appryse.

*If a student is planning on participating on ANY athletic team (club sports included) you must submit a physical form to Appryse. The Physical form may be found on your account home page after your initial registration to the website. Any student trying out for a sports team must also sign up for that team's tryouts in Appryse.  This can only be done AFTER the enrollment has been accepted.  You will need to click on the GREEN button on the home screen that says TRYOUTS/ACTIVITIES, select the team from the list on the left side, read/sign the legal document and click "GRANT CONSENT AND JOIN". 

Appryse Website Background

Appryse is our web based, electronic Health record that replaces our previously used paper forms. Parents are able to enter all information online and upload or fax doctor physical forms. Since a new physical and updated medical information is required for every school year, Appryse registration will simplify the process. Information may be updated throughout the year as it changes. For each subsequent year, it will only be necessary to review and update any necessary information. To improve privacy, the Health office, coaches & trainers use smartphones instead of carrying binders.

In the event of any Health office visit or injury, parents will be automatically notified via email, text message, and/or phone call. All information such as medical history, doctor’s physical, and parental consent forms will be handled within the Appryse website. Having all pertinent medical history and current condition is critical for caring for our students.

 Registration Instructions:

Registration for Mater Dei High School must be completed prior to registration with Appryse as a Mater Dei student number is required to finalize enrollment with Appryse.

  • When Registering your child in Appryse, do not use nicknames. Please use the same full name that was registered in Aeries.
  • Students must be enrolled on Appryse before being allowed to tryout for a sport; Do not wait until the last minute, as this will cause the student to miss tryout days. Once your child has been enrolled, please allow 24-48 hours for acceptance into the system as each enrollment is reviewed prior to acceptance.
  • Student information must be updated every school year.
  • Questions or problems with the Appryse website should be directed to Appryse. Click the "Contact Support" button on the Appryse website. Do NOT contact Mater Dei.
  • Only submit the approved Appryse physical form (only required for athletics) with the bar code on it, which is your child’s unique bar code. Do not include attachments such as immunization forms, as the Appryse system only recognizes the single Appryse physical form.
  • Do NOT fax in your own doctor's form, as this will not be recognized by the Appryse system and will NOT be received. It must be the approved Appryse doctor's physical form and must include the Appryse bar code included on the Appryse doctor's physical form
  • Do NOT bring the Appryse physical form to Mater Dei. This web-based solution was established to avoid this.
  • The parent or the doctor's office should either fax the Appryse physical form to the number at the top of the physical form, or upload it directly to Appryse