Passenger/Driver Permission Forms

Permission Forms:

All Mater Dei High School student-athletes must submit the passenger permission agreement.  The 'Driver Permission Agreement' must be completed by all team members to declare whether they have their license.  Those with their license must fill out drivers’ info.  Those without their license can declare "No" and then "N/A" in all other fields.  Driving to an athletic practice/competition is only permitted when approved in advance by the head coach.


Driver Permission Form:

  • Allows student to drive themselves to an off-campus Mater Dei athletic event (weekend meets/invitationals).
  • Required for all athletes. 
  • Must declare if they do NOT have their license.


Passenger Permission Form: 

  • Allows athlete to take the bus.
  • Allows athlete to ride as a passenger in another team member or parents car (only if student driver is legally able to and has submitted their driver form, and if parent approves).