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REVISED 5/28/20


Three Most Important Words in Cross Country





          Potential Varsity / Returners Body Weight Program:  Click Here


           Click Here


2020 Summer Camp.  In 2020, there will be 2 summer training camps. One for the potential varsity runners, and one for lower level or new runners.


      Varsity Camp.  This will be for potential varsity runners.  Varsity Camp

                  will start immediately after the end of the school year. Varsity

                  runners are expected not to miss any days. This camp will

                  include swim workouts and weight training. Runners should

                  have significant swimming experience in order to participate.

                  Incoming Freshman that would like to be considered 

                  for the varsity camp should email Coach Martinez ASAP.

                  Complete all the steps below to participate.


                           Date: June 15th to August 8th

                              TENTATIVE - PENDING STATE, COUNTY and DIOCESE APPROVAL

                           Time: TBD

                            Costs: $250

                           *Specific Dates/Time/Locations will be posted soon*


       Lower Level Camp. The Lower Level Camp will start on July 6th and

                     will continue to August 8th. Monday thru Thursday,

                     and Saturdays.  The cost TBD.  This camp is for lower

                     level returners as well as incoming freshman.

                    Complete all the steps below to participate.


                           Date: July 6th to August 8th

                              TENTATIVE - PENDING STATE, COUNTY and DIOCESE APPROVAL

                           Time: TBD

                            Costs: $150

                           *Specific Dates/Time/Locations will be posted soon*



VARSITY LIST - runners invited to the varsity summer camp

Tait Vigeland

McKay Arvidson

Berenice Rodriguez

Neave Anderson

Lauren Kensel

Reagan Arvidson

Katie Vaca

Celeste Pacheco

Kennedy Duralde


AJ Calabrese

Dom Calabrese

Danny Wacker

Thomas Campbell

Martin Nibungco

Jade Martinez

Nick Quattrocchi

Gavin Corbett

Rafael Caton



SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION: In order to sign up for Cross Country Camp, you must do all of the following steps.


STEP 1:  Complete ACTIVE online registration before your first day. Pay registration fee.

                      Online Registration:   Click Here (available June 1st)


STEP 2:  Complete Appryse Athletic Registration online. Returning runners must re-enroll to Appryse account. All runners are required to obtain a new athletic screening (physical) and upload it on Appryse before the first day of Camp.  Appryse Registration:   Click Here


New (incoming freshman/transfer) Athletes, create a whole new account.


Returning Athletes, please follow these instructions to re-enroll in Appryse.  This does NOT require you to create a whole new account.  Below are the steps needed to re-enroll. 


This must be done on a desktop computer!  Do not use a phone or tablet!!

Click HERE to log in to your account.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “update existing account.


Log in to your current account.  If you do not remember your password, select “forgot password”.  DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT!!!


Click on “RE-ENROLL FOR NEW YEAR” (middle of the home page). Proceed through each page and make any necessary changes such as new emergency contacts, new address, updated medical history, new health insurance information, etc.  **Please be honest and upfront about any medical history! If there are no changes that need to be made then proceed to the next page.

-Read and sign the legal document and click “SUBMIT ENROLLMENT”


Please allow 24-48 hours for your enrollment to be approved.  You will receive a confirmation email once it has been approved.




-Log in to your account and select the GREEN button in the middle of the home screen that says TRYOUTS/ACTIVITIES

-Select the sport or activity from the list on the left (ie: soccer tryouts)

-Read and sign the legal document and then click “JOIN”


Once this has been completed and your child has a current physical (dated after April 1, 2020) on file, he/she will be cleared to participate in their sport or activity.  They will be held out of any activities until all of these steps are completed.


Feel free to contact Christine Dahle at or Mike Fernandez at if you have any questions.


Marque Medical is currently accepting appointments for athletic medical screenings (physicals). If runners are unable to see their primary care doctor, they will be able to schedule an athletic medical screening (physical) with Marque Medical. The cost of the athletic medical screening will be $50.00, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated back directly to our athletic training room. Offices located in Aliso Viejo, Buena Park, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, and Rancho Santa Margarita


Marque Medical Link: 



STEP 3:  Complete all forms listed below. COMPLETE BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP!


    1. XC Athlete Information Form.  Click Here


   2.  Complete the Passenger and/or Driver Permission Forms (see links below)

           All runners complete the Passenger Permission Form. 

          Drivers complete BOTH


Passenger Permission Form (PP) - Click Here

  • Allows student to ride as a passenger in the vehicle of an individual that has completed the driver permission form to team related activities during the school year.
  • Allows student to be transported by current Mater Dei staff, coaches, and parents to practices/matches.


Drivers Permission Form (DP) - Click Here                 

  • Allows student to drive themselves to any team related function. This applies to in-season as well as off-season team activities. This is only required for players with their license.


STEP 4: Sign up for the Team Text Alerts.

Follow these instructions.  Parents and runners must  sign up!  FREE!

Text message:  @mdxcountry

To number:  81010

Reply to the text as instructed. 

If you have any trouble, text the above message to (949) 245-6385


STEP 5:  Follow the Recommended Pre-Summer Camp Training (June/July) in order to come to camp in shape.  See the link on the top of this page.


Mandatory Equipment for Camp: 

1)  Good pair of Nike Training Shoes

2)  Bottle Water

3)  Beach blanket and/or towel

4)  RUNNING WATCH (mandatory) - must have a stop watch






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