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REVISED 4/4/19


Three Most Important Words in Cross Country



Summer Training Camp Program - 2019



XC Summer Camp.  Cross Country Summer Camp is mandatory for all RETURNING RUNNERS.  The approximate dates are July 8th to August 10th.  Varsity swimming will start earlier, approximately June 26th (Wednesdays/Fridays).  RETURNING RUNNERS that miss 5 days or more will be required to TRY OUT in order to remain on the team.  TRY OUT STANDARDS are posted on the Summer Camp link.  TRY OUTS will be the week before school starts.  If you miss the TRY OUT as well, you will not be on the team.


2019 Dates / Times / Locations:  Approximate Dates!

June 26th - August 10th, 2019 - Varsity Level

     - Swim Training, 6-7am from 6/26th to 7/19th, 7-8am after 7/19th

     - Running/Weights Training starts 7/8th, 4-6pm

July 8th - August 10th, 2019

M-T-W-Th, 4-6pm, and Saturday, 7:30-9am

Location TBD

Take family vacations, trips, and/or college trips before summer camp. There is an attendance policy for returning XC runners! 


Varsity Summer Camp. Varsity Summer Camp involves swim, weights, and running workouts.  Only invited athletes can participate.  Email Coach Martinez if you like to participate.  100% attendance is required for varsity runners.


Varsity Swim Training: Swim Training will begin approximately June 26th and will continue twice a week until the beginning of school.  Runners interested must have formal swim experience.  If a runner does not, it is highly recommended to join a swim club to learn how to properly swim and complete a swim workout.



New Runners.  It is mandatory to participate in the Summer Training Camp.  In Cross Country, all runners race 3 miles.  The Summer Training camp will gradually get new runners in shape by September to race 3 miles.  New runners have no attendance policy for summer camp but it is extremely important to make the effort and attend everyday.  There are no try-out for new runners.  EMAIL COACH MARTINEZ AT with questions.



Returning Runners.  It is mandatory to participate in the Summer Training Camp. All Returning runners cannot miss more than 5 days.  If so, returning runners will have to try-out to be on the team.  Any returning runner who misses more than 5 days will be required to try-out at the end of the August to remain on the team.  Only VARSITY level runners will be given any consideration for their absences.  VARSITY level runners also must understand that missing any day will compromise their position on the varsity team.

Returning Runner Try-Out Standards:

Boys:  20:00 minutes

Girls:  24:00 minutes



Requirements:  In order to sign up for Cross Country, you must do the following:


1)  Complete online registration before your first day. Pay registration fee.


                      Online Registration:   Click here


2)  Complete Appryse Athletic Registration online:  Click Here

   - Starting June 3rd, new and returning athletes can start to register

    - Please note, all athletes are required to have an athletic screening

      (physical). Completed form can be downloaded in Appryse.

    - New Athletes can register at anytime. 

    - Returning Athletes must renew Appryse after June 3rd.


3)  Complete all forms listed below. TURN IN ON OR BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP!



    1. XC Athlete Information Form.  Click Here


   2.  Passenger and/or Driver Permission Form (located below)


             - If runner drive, turn in both


             - If runner does not drive, turn in Passenger Form ONLY!


              - Turn in on first day of camp to Coach Martinez 


4)  Follow the Recommended Summer Training (June/July) in order to come to camp in shape. Click Here.


Equipment for Camp: 

1)  Good pair of Nike Training Shoes

2)  Bottle Water

3)  Beach Towel

4)  RUNNING WATCH (mandatory) - must have a stop watch


XC/Track Block Athletic Class.  The block athletic class is for varsity and potential varsity athletes.  All Cross Country and Track athletes are NOT enrolled in this class.  Placement requires Coach Martinez’s approval.  Athletes can still be on the Cross Country and Track teams despite not being enrolled in the class. Cross Country runners are required to do Spring Track in order to be considered for this class, and remain in the class. Runners must commit to running League Prelims and Finals for Track, League Preview and Finals for Cross Country


Please be advised that next year (2019-2020), enrollment will require registration in summer camp, either XC or Track, as well as 75% attendance in the summer camp. Athletes who also participate in outside club sports will not be considered for the XC/Track Block Athletic Class. Athletes that are enrolled in 2017-2018 class are not guaranteed to enrollment for next year (2018-2019).


Also, in order to be considered for the 2019-2020 Block Athletic Class, distance runners must login, join, and upload their training runs from 6/1/19 to 7/8/19 on STRAVA.


Any enrolled athlete that QUITS the XC and/or TRACK team will not be allowed to continue weight lifting.  They will have STUDY HALL during Blk. 4 for the remainder of the year.


If an athlete is unable to participate in the specific XC/Track Block (Blk. 4) due to a conflict with another academic course, they will not be allowed to move into another team’s athletic block. 



Championships are won in the summer!



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