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Cross Country Training

Success is largely determined by consistent training over the summer then during the season!  Summer camps is the greatest determining factor for a successful and injury-free season!


The Varsity team trains at a college level. Head Coach Rick Martinez brings over 30 years of experience to train his varsity teams at the high level. Varsity boys typically run 9-10 miles a day. The girls average 7-8 miles daily. All levels team train 2 times a week in our state-of-the-art weight room. With the help of our new Strength and Conditioning Coach, the teams do highly advance weight training.  Varsity runners also utilize the MD pool to help increase their aerobic capacity. 


Lower level teams average between 4-6 miles daily depending on the level and experience of the individual runner.  Lower level teams weight lift as well. 


Sample Varsity Level Workouts:  Summer

Sunday:  Off

Monday:  Long Distance Run

Tuesday:  AM Distance Run + PM Weight Lifting

Wednesday:  AM Pool Workout + PM Distance Run

Thursday:   AM Tempo or Fartlek + PM Weight Lifting

Friday:  AM Pool Workout Only

Saturday:  Long Distance Run


Sample Varsity Level Workouts:  Fall Season


Sunday:  Off

Monday:  Long Distance Run or Tempo Run

Tuesday:  AM Swim + PM Distance Run

Wednesday:  Interval or Fartlek Workout

Thursday:  Recovery Distance Run + Weights

Friday:  Lite Distance

Saturday:  Race


Sample Lower Level Workouts:  Fall Season

Sunday:  Off

Monday:  50 minute Distance Run

Tuesday:  40 minute Distance Run + Weights

Wednesday:  Interval or Fartlek Workout

Thursday:  Recovery Distance Run + Weights

Friday:  Pre-meet Run

Saturday:  Race


Most training is done on grass or trails at local parks in Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and Fountain Valley.


XC/Track Block Athletic Class. The block athletic class is primarily for varsity and potential varsity athletes. Not all Cross Country and Track athletes are enrolled in this class. Placement requires Coach Martinez’s approval. At this time, the class is full. Athletes can still be on the Cross Country and Track teams despite not being enrolled in the class.


Please be advised that this year (2017-2018), possible enrollment will require registration in summer camp, as well as 75% attendance in the summer camp.