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Track Summer Camp

2018 Track & Field Summer Camp





Track Summer Camp is MANDATORY for all returning track athletes, otherwise the athlete will be removed from the team.  Only Fall and Winter MD Sport athletes will be excused.  Summer Camp will run the last 4 weeks of the summer immediately prior to the start of the new school year. July 16 to August 9th, 2018.  Athletes will not be considered for enrollment in the 2018-2019 Block Athletic class if athletes do not sign up and attend Summer Track Camp. EVEN IF YOU ARE IN SUMMER SCHOOL, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN SUMMER CAMP AFTER THE COMPLETION OF SUMMER SCHOOL.  Attending SOME day is better than attending NO days!


XC/Track Block Athletic Class. The block athletic class is primarily for varsity and potential varsity athletes. Not all Cross Country and Track athletes are enrolled in this class. Placement requires Coach Martinez’s approval. At this time, the class is full. Athletes can still be on the Cross Country and Track teams despite not being enrolled in the class.  Enrollment will require registration in summer camp, as well as 75% attendance in the summer camp.



PLEASE NOTE:  Any attempt by a returning athletes to circumvent this summer camp requirement will result in the athlete being placed on the White Team and starting off-season training in January 2019.  The athlete will also be required to try-out again. These athletes will not be considered for the XC/Track Athletic Class for the 2018-2019 school year.



THERE IS NO SUMMER CAMP FOR 1st year and/or INCOMING FRESHMAN ATHLETES. New athletes and/or incoming freshman cannot do track camp. RETURNERS ONLY. The only exception is if a new athlete or incoming freshman has documented results, track experience, and/or proven track ability to participate in camp. Email Coach Martinez for consideration.  Coach Martinez will notify the athlete with his approval. No exceptions.  

Track try-out information will be posted on our our Try-Out link.  There are summer, fall, and winter try out dates.


Camp Information:

Dates: July 16 -  August 9th, 2018, 9-11am


Place:  MD Athletic Field or Track


Distance runners are required to do Cross Country and Cross Country camp.


Registration Process:  All steps must be completed prior to camp.

Step #1:  Online Registration:   Click here

There is no walk-up registration.  Again, only for Returning Track Athletes, and MANDATORY!

Step #2:  Appryse Registration.  Before any athlete can participate in Summer Camp, Returning Athletes must renew and update their Appryse starting on June 3rd.

Complete Appryse Athletic Registration online:  Click here

    - Please note that all athletes are required to have an athletic

      screening (physical) completed before participating in




Step #3 Complete and turn in the Track Athlete Information Form.


Track Athlete Information Form.  Click Here



What will you be doing:

Track and field is a sport where your body is the apparatus. The stronger you are the better chance you have to win. No matter the amount of technical training, an athletically superior athlete will always have an advantage. Imagine if that superior athlete also had access to advanced technical training.  The Mater Dei track and field program has all the resources needed to give every athlete the complete advantage. The summer is when athletes get stronger and more importantly, durable. Our summer training program is not a camp it’s the beginning of the season. The summer program is based around philosophy of Dan Pfaff (a world renowned track and field) who focuses on the body’s neurological response. The summer program also develops the functional strength and dynamic flexibility of each athlete.


Summer workouts cover three important elements: muscular endurance, dynamic flexibility, and proper movement patterns. The foundation to all sports is proper movement patterns, the skill set comes second. The reason for a complete summer program is to build a strong foundation leading into the fall program where athletes progress to higher intensity workouts, cardiovascular conditioning, and event specific movements. Skipping a proper warm-up before competition could potentially lead to injury the same concept goes with skipping the summer program. Our summer program is what gives the Mater Dei track and field program the edge.


*These forms are located at the bottom of the Summer Camp link*


Head Coach, Rick Martinez

(714) 850-6706