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Track Summer Camp

2021 Track & Field Summer Camp

Revised: 1/28/21


Track Summer Camp. Track Summer Camp is for all returning track athletes (sprinters, hurdlers, throwers, vaulters, and jumpers only).  Fall and Winter MD Sport athletes will be excused. Summer camp will run from July 19th to the start of the school year. It is mandatory for all returning track athletes. Distance runners should sign up for Cross Country camp.



THERE IS NO SUMMER CAMP FOR 1st year and/or INCOMING FRESHMAN ATHLETES. New athletes and/or incoming freshman cannot do track camp. RETURNERS ONLY (sprinters, hurdlers, throwers, vaulters, and jumpers only). Track try-out information will be posted on our Try-Out link. There are fall, and winter try outs.

Again, distance Runners should do Cross Country Camp.


Camp Information:   

Dates: mid - JULY  -  First week of School

           Twice a week, AM

Place:  MD Athletic Track

Cost:   TBD


Track Registration ProcessAll steps must be completed prior to camp (July 13th). Athletes will be sent home if all steps are not completed.  No exceptions.


Step #1:  ACTIVE Online Registration  Click Here


There is no walk-up registration.  Again, only for Returning Track Athletes, and MANDATORY!


Step #2:  Appryse Registration.  Returning Athletes must RE-ENROLL to Appryse starting on June 1st. Athletes must acquire a new physical by the start of camp (July 13th) and upload on Appryse.


Appryse Online LinkClick Here


Returning Athletes, please follow these instructions to re-enroll in Appryse.  This does NOT require you to create a whole new account.  Below are the steps needed to re-enroll. 


This must be done on a desktop computer!  Do not use a phone or tablet!!

Click HERE to log in to your account.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “update existing account.


Log in to your current account.  If you do not remember your password, select “forgot password”.  DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT!!!


Click on “RE-ENROLL FOR NEW YEAR” (middle of the home page). Proceed through each page and make any necessary changes such as new emergency contacts, new address, updated medical history, new health insurance information, etc.  **Please be honest and upfront about any medical history! If there are no changes that need to be made then proceed to the next page.

-Read and sign the legal document and click “SUBMIT ENROLLMENT”


Please allow 24-48 hours for your enrollment to be approved.  You will receive a confirmation email once it has been approved.




-Log in to your account and select the GREEN button in the middle of the home screen that says TRYOUTS/ACTIVITIES

-Select the sport or activity from the list on the left (ie: soccer tryouts)

-Read and sign the legal document and then click “JOIN”


Once this has been completed and your child has a current physical (dated after April 1, 2020) on file, he/she will be cleared to participate in their sport or activity.  They will be held out of any activities until all of these steps are completed.


Feel free to contact Christine Dahle at or Mike Fernandez at if you have any questions.



Step #3 Complete the Track Athlete Information FormClick Here



Step #4:    Complete the Passenger and/or Driver Permission Form

              All athlete complete the Passenger Permission Form

              Drivers must complete BOTH


Passenger Permission Form (PP) - Click Here

  • Allows student to ride as a passenger in the vehicle of an individual that has completed the driver permission form to team related activities during the school year.
  • Allows student to be transported by current Mater Dei staff, coaches, and parents to practices/matches.


Drivers Permission Form (DP - Click Here                 

  • Allows student to drive themselves to any team related function. This applies to in-season as well as off-season team activities. This is only required for players with their license.



What to bring everyday?

1.  Mask - must be on when walking to and from camp location

2.  Towel

2. Water (bring your own - at least 32 oz.)

4. Sunblock

5. Sweatpants

6. Hat


What will you be doing:

Track and field is a sport where your body is the apparatus. The stronger you are the better chance you have to win. No matter the amount of technical training, an athletically superior athlete will always have an advantage. Imagine if that superior athlete also had access to advanced technical training.  The Mater Dei track and field program has all the resources needed to give every athlete the complete advantage. The summer is when athletes get stronger and more importantly, durable. Our summer training program is not a camp it’s the beginning of the season. The summer program is based around philosophy of Dan Pfaff (a world renowned track and field) who focuses on the body’s neurological response. The summer program also develops the functional strength and dynamic flexibility of each athlete.

Summer workouts cover three important elements: muscular endurance, dynamic flexibility, and proper movement patterns. The foundation to all sports is proper movement patterns, the skill set comes second. The reason for a complete summer program is to build a strong foundation leading into the fall program where athletes progress to higher intensity workouts, cardiovascular conditioning, and event specific movements. Skipping a proper warm-up before competition could potentially lead to injury the same concept goes with skipping the summer program. Our summer program is what gives the Mater Dei track and field program the edge.