Diamond Club

Calling All Mater Dei Baseball Alums - Return to your MD Glory Days


As valued members of the storied Mater Dei Baseball Program, Coach Mercado and his staff would love to have you join them back on campus for a celebration and fundraiser. 

When: Saturday, November 5th at 6:00 pm

Where: The MD Grotto

Attire: Casual/Retro Attire. Please feel free to wear your old letterman jacket or jersey (or full uni if you're still in playing shape like Jason Saenz!)

Purpose: To celebrate and honor past MD Baseball players; to reconnect with old friends and teammates; to enjoy some adult beverages with Coach Mercado, his staff, and families of the current MD Baseball players; and (optionally) to donate some money or time to your high school baseball program. 

Cost: FREE! (although you will have opportunities to donate and bid on silent auction items if you so choose)

RSVP: Please respond by November 1st by emailing [email protected]            


Don't miss this opportunity to relive your glory days (which have only gotten more glorious with each passing year) and to remain integrated in the MD Baseball community. We want ALL former players to be a part of this program - Monarchs for life!


If you're unable to join us this year, you can still participate and support the program by making a donation below.


How will donations be used?

As you all know, it is a challenge to compete at the highest levels within the Trinity League and across the country. Coach Mercado has identified three critical facilities that need upgrades in order to keep the program on level footing with our competition:



Estimated Cost

Remodel batting cages—original


New Bullpen--


Upgrade Re-pad dugouts / home plate area



We look forward to seeing you back on the campus where your legends were made.

 Honor, Glory, Love!!!

Diamond Club Mission Statement:

The Monarch Diamond Club's sole purpose is to support the young men involved in the Mater Dei Baseball Program in achieving their goals both on and off the field.  We strive to reinforce the values of dedication, academics and team work through the support of dedicated Monarch alumni and current and past parents of Mater Dei Baseball players.  The Diamond Club will help support financial needs of the program by providing funds for additional equipment, facility upgrades, and maintenance costs.  The fund will also provide help to those players who desire to have a Monarch Baseball experience, but can only do so with the support of need-based financial aid.   Supporters will also be invited to assist the program with community and team bonding activities.

The Monarch Baseball program strives to be one of the top programs in the nation and competes in the highly renowned Trinity League as well as top tournaments both locally and nationally.  Offsetting rising costs and coaches stipends are a major part of the Club's goals to ensure that each player can have a valuable experience that is both affordable and available in spite of financial circumstances. Support is encouraged to ensure that these young men grow both as players on the field and also as student-athletes off the field.  

Committee Members: Richard Mercado ‘01, Bob Ickes, Michelle & Jim Armijo, Mark Bright, David Hanna ‘81,
Jason Saenz ‘95, Ria Smith ‘78, Greg Soper ‘83, Todd Woody '95.

For more information, contact Kathleen Kelly '94 or you may call the Office of Alumni & Advancement at (714) 850-9534.