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Revised: 1/19/19







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The following athletes have not turned in a Passenger Permission Form.  These athletes will not be allowed to practice until it is turned in.  Email Coach Martinez if you have any questions.






Ramirez, O.



Important Track Dates:


Friday, January 25th, 240pm, Rm. 413, Senior Meeting


Friday, February 1st, Team Time Trial


Friday, February 1st, 6pm, Track Parent Meeting, LeVecke Center


Friday, February 1st, 6pm, Varsity Athlete Photo Shoot, LeVecke Center


Monday, February 4th, PDP Mailings / Online PDP Registration is DUE




Tuesday, February 5th, 730am, Spring Sports Mass, LeVecke Center


Special MD Dates:


*Special Games, Friday – Saturday, March 15-16th, 2019*

      - Laguna Trophy Invitational (3/16th) – Girls FS / Varsity / BV

*Spring Break is March 25th – 31st, 2019*

      - SJB Meet (3/28th) and West Coast Relays (3/30th)

**Coachella is 4/12/19 - 4/21/19**.   - League Prelims are 4/17/19

***Stagecoach is 4/26/19 - 4/28/19***.   - League Finals are 4/26/19

      Any athlete attending these concerts at this time of the season,

      will jeopardize their entry/participation at Trinity League

       Prelims, Finals, and CIF!

****CIF State Meet is on May 25, 2019 (Graduation / Memorial Weekend)***



Team Announcements


Track Athlete Information form. Click Here 


Weekly Team Meeting. No team meeting this week.


Track Parent Meeting. Right after the team time trial, the Track parent meeting will be on Friday, February 1st, 6pm, LeVecke Center.  A lite food items will be served.  Varsity athletes will do their photo shoot. Extra practice gear will be for sale. Cash sales only.  Please sign up to help bring items.  Click Here.  This is your time to meet the coaches and ask questions regarding the season!



Track Fees.   Track team fees are $565 for RETURNING ATHLETS, and $630 for NEW ATHLETES.  Payment plan option is available.  All track fees are due online by 2/4/19. THERE ARE NO TRACK SCHOLARSHIPS.  Click Here to pay Track Fees.



Track Fundraiser.  All athletes are required to complete the PDP mailing campaign.  Due by Monday, February 4th. Returning Juniors and Seniors have the option to opt-out with a direct donation in the amount of $175 made payable to Mater Dei Track & Field (also due 2/4th).  Instructions on how to complete the PDP mailings and/or Online registration are available at the bottom of the Team Bulletin Board.


         For the online / PDP Mailing (letters) campaign, you must complete at least 10

         This should include relatives, parent friends and associates.  DO NOT USE MD

friends, classmates, teachers, coaches, etc.


         After completing the PDP Mailings (letters), TURN IN TO COACH MARTINEZ. 



If you took a PDP Mailing packet and will be writing a check, please return the packet to Coach Martinez.  AGAIN, only RETURNING JUNIORS and SENIORS have the option to opt out of the Online/Mailing campaign.



Spring Sports Mass.  The Spring Sports Mass will be on Tuesday, February 5th at 730am in the LeVecke Center.  It is mandatory for all track athletes.  Please come in MEET DAY DRESS.  Meet Day dress is similar to Monarch Professional Dress but also includes a Track Team Tie.  Girls must wear the team tie!


Track Attendance Policy.  ATHLETES ARE
ALLOWED 5 ABSENCES TOTAL REGARDLESS OF THE REASON OR EXCUSE FOR MISSING PRACTICE.  THIS IS A “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” POLICY.  WE WILL NOT DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN AN EXCUSED OR UNEXCUSED ABSENCE, OR AN ACCEPTABLE OR UNACCEPTABLE ABSENCE.  Leaving early from practice will count as an absence.  Athlete may be dismissed from the team if absent more than the days indicated above.  Illnesses and injuries will be considered but only if an athlete has a doctor's note indicating restrictions.  Vacations, and/or family occasions will count against the athlete if practice is missed. 


Also, if an athlete is absent from school, or misses, ½ the classes, they are not allowed to practice or compete pursuant to school policy.



Weekly Practice Schedule:  Week of January 21st


Friday, 1/25th, 240-340pm, MD Weight Room (All non-block athletes)


*If you are not in ANY ATHLETIC SPORT BLOCK, you attend weight lifting.

All others attend practice on the track*


ALL PRACTICES ARE MANDATORY!  All athletes are required to email Coach Martinez (not an assistant coach) and notify him if you will be absent from practice.


Tardies are excusable only if an athlete bring Coach Martinez a note from a teacher, counselor, etc.


Sprinters / Jumpers / Hurdlers / Vaulters / White Team

Monday, 1/21, 8-10am, MD Track

         9-11am (Hurdlers)

Tuesday, 1/22, 315-515pm, MD Track

Wednesday, 1/23, 3-5pm, MD Track

Thursday, 1/24, 315-515pm, MD Track

Friday, January 25th, 240pm, Rm. 413, Senior Meeting

Friday, 1/25, 3-5pm, MD Track

Friday, 1/25th, 240-340pm, MD Weight Room (All non-block athletes)



Monday, 1/21, 9-11am, MD Track

Tuesday, 1/22, 330-515pm, Fairview Park

Wednesday, 1/23, 3-5pm, MD Track

Thursday, 1/24, Bonita Creek Park

Friday, January 25th, 240pm, Rm. 413, Senior Meeting

Saturday, 1/26, 8-10am, CDM State Beach

Friday, 1/25th, 240-340pm, MD Weight Room (All non-block athletes)


* Directions can be found at the bottom of this XC link - Click Here *


Throwers – All thrower must do the team warm up!

Monday, 1/21, 8-11am, MD Track

Tuesday, 1/22, 315-515pm, MD Track

Wednesday, 1/23, 3-6pm, MD Track

Thursday, 1/24, 315-615pm, MD Track

Friday, January 25th, 240pm, Rm. 413, Senior Meeting

Friday, 1/25, 3-6pm, MD Track



Spike Purchase.  You must purchase and compete in NIKE !  Please ask the assistant coaches about purchasing the correct Nike spikes.  Also, be sure to purchase an extra bag of metal 3/16th pyramid spikes.


LOCKERS If you need an Athletic Locker, go to the Equipment Room to get assigned a locker from Coach Boese.  Bring $10 if you need to purchase a GRAY lock for your locker.   Until then, you can leave your athletic bags in Coach Martinez's office or Rm. 413.


ATTN. PARENTS/ATHLETES.  Any XC or Track athlete that leaves their personal items unattended or unlocked will receive a detention.  If their personal items are stolen, they will still receive a detention.



JOIN OUR TEAM TEXT ALERTS!  Follow these instructions.  Parents and athletes must  sign up!  FREE!

Text message:  @mdtrack

To number:  81010

Reply to the text as instructed. 

If you have any trouble, text the above message to (949) 245-6385 


Trinity League Prelims and Finals.  MD will be hosting the Trinity League Track Prelims and Finals on April 17th and 26th.  All MD Track athletes that are not entered to compete must work as a volunteer at these meets.  Seniors are excused from volunteering.  Any athletes failing to work these events will be removed from the team roster.



XC/Track Block Athletic Class.  The block athletic class is primarily for varsity and potential varsity athletes.  Not all Cross Country and Track athletes are enrolled in this class.  Placement requires Coach Martinez’s approval. Athletes can still be on the Cross Country and Track teams despite not being enrolled in the class.  Cross Country runners must commit to doing Spring Track in order to be considered for this class, and remain in the class.


Be advised that next year (2018-2019), enrollment will require registration in summer camp, as well as 75% attendance in the summer camp. Summer Camp Dates are July 17th to August 11th. Athletes who also participate in outside club sports will not be considered for the XC/Track Block Athletic Class.  Athletes that are enrolled in 2017-2018 class are not guaranteed to enrollment for next year (2018-2019).


*Any XC or Track athlete that drops out of the team (XC or track) will not be allowed to continue weight lifting and will use the time as a study hall for the remainder of the year*




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